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"ViS motion" company is a high tech manufacturer of CNC systems, motion controllers and CNC software. Our company is engaged in the development of CNC systems for various types of equipment for automation of production in a wide variety of fields and areas.

More than 20 years of experience in software and electronics development allows us to produce reliable and high-quality products.

· 2001 ·
But it started back in 2001, when the development of our first CNC system was started, which was based on the DOS operating system. Here is what its interface looked like (in fact, its absence):

· 2003 ·
After 1.5 years in 2003, an interface for the control program appeared and it became possible to connect to an external CNC controller over the network Ethernet:

· 2005 ·
Our cnc controllers have been installed mainly on milling machines, engraving machines and routers.
A 2 year later, our updated interface looked completely different:

· 2021 ... 2023 ·
Then, for about 10 years, a lot of work was done to create a high-quality product: a CNC system consisting of a cnc controller, various external RS-485 modules and control software. It was quite a long and difficult path, but in the result we managed to solve most of the problems and we believe that the initial goals were achieved. We will continue to expand the capabilities of our product, taking into account the wishes of our dear customers.

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