Acceleration/Deceleration characteristics of any form!
S-curve acceleration/deceleration avoids mechanical shock and ensures smooth and stable movement along the tool path. This is true regardless of whether a servo motor or a stepper motor is used as a drive motor in a mechanical system.

In the ViS CNC system, it is possible to set almost any acceleration / deceleration characteristic. The graphic panel with this functionality is located in Settings and has parameter number 4600.
Parameters 4601 to 4607 store all changes made in the graphic panel.

To change the type of characteristic, you need to click and drag one of the two small blue squares to the desired position with the mouse cursor, thereby achieving the necessary shape of the characteristic.

In addition to the fact that in this panel it is possible to set any shape of the "curve", here you can also set the maximum time (from 0.1 to 10 seconds) for acceleration / deceleration. In this case, the acceleration/deceleration distance and maximum acceleration are automatically calculated.

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