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ViS-A4 is a 6-axis motion controller with 4 simultaneously interpolated axes. This CNC controller has been designed for professionals, manufacturers of various CNC machines, retrofitters and hobbyists who want to equip their machine with a reliable, stable and flexible CNC system at a reasonable price.

Compatible with almost all types of motors and can be used with both stepper and most brushless AC servo drives, in fact any drive that is compatible with the STEP/DIR interface. Most stepper motor drives are compatible with the ViS CNC controller (Leadshine, YAKO, ...).

The maximum number of inputs and outputs is not limited by the CNC controller itself. When the RS-485 network is included in the CNC system, it is possible to increase the total number of inputs/outputs up to 240 (plus inputs/outputs on the CNC controller board).

Dimensions: 150×100×20 mm (5,9×3,9×0,8 in)
Weight: 0.2 kg (0,44 lbs)

ViS cnc controller kit includes:
  1x ViS cnc controller in an antistatic bag

CNC system ViS motion:

Number of axes 6
Simultaneously interpolated axes 4
Maximum frequency of STEP on each axis 1 MHz (1000 kHz)
Communication types Ethernet, USB
RS-485 interface network YES
Isolated digital inputs 14 + 1 high speed
Digital outputs 8 + 2 SSR
Maximum load of digital output 300 mA
Analog inputs (5V) 2
Analog outputs (0-10V) 2
Maximum load of analog outputs 50 mA
Encoder Inputs 1
MPG hand wheel support YES
Supply voltage 12V...24V
Ambient temperature range +0oC ... +60oC
Relative humidity 5% ... 90%

Operating Systems Windows, Linux
Software installation Very simple
Visualization Yes, 3D
Accelleration/decelleration look ahead Unlimited
Accelleration/decelleration profile Any
Macros support YES
G-code program size Unlimited
Feed/rapid rate override 1...300%
Spindle speed override 1...200%
Spindles Up to 4 spindles *
Spindle control RS-485 and/or 0-10V
RS-485 protocol Modbus *
MDI mode YES
G-code smoothing Spline interpolation *
Software limits YES
Virtual keyboard for touch YES
System units Inch or Millimeters
Work Coordinates Systems G54-G59, G5401-G5499
Software slave axes (any discrete/resolution) YES
and many others...

* option

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