Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) Handwheel
P/N: 0008

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MPG Handwheel with 26-pin connector for connecting to a ViS CNC controller using the ViS-MPG module:

- For set-up and installation, etc. in drilling and milling machines for axis inspection.
- For quick configuration of a material base (WCS).
- Often used in industrial automation.
- Handwheel with detent that is very sensitive to use.
- Jog rotary encoder with 100 steps/revolution.
- Axis selector knob: X, Y, Z, 4.
- Step resolution selectable by rotary switch: 1x-10x-100x.
- Emergency (E-Stop) stop button.
- Enable the push button.
- Led ON indication.
- Housing made of high strength plastic.
- Built-in magnet in the housing for a secure hold on the machine.

DB26 cable connector:

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