VIS-A4 + Embedded PC
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ViS-PCBOX is a CNC system that includes the following components:

This layout eliminates the need to purchase a separate computer; it is already integrated into the ViS-PCBOX.

Simply connect to the ViS-PCBOX: motor drivers, VFD inverter, the necessary sensors, a monitor (touch or not), and a keyboard and mouse if necessary. No need for an additional computer.

All signals from the ViS-A4 CNC controller are output to the front panel via external connectors.
Ethernet, USB and HDMI interfaces from the embedded PC are routed to the rear panel via external connectors.

Detailed information: Documentation

ViS-PCBOX kit includes:
  1x ViS-PCBOX
  7x 12-pin cable connectors
  1x 4-pin power cable connectors

CNC motion controller ViS-A4
CNC software Integrated into ViS-A4
Embedded Computer Intel J6412, 8Gb DDR4 memory, SSD 256GB, 2xGb Ethernet LAN, fanless
Power source voltage 12V DC, 3A
Dimensions 200×150×110 mm (7,9×5,9×4,3 in)
Weight 2 kg (4,4 lbs)

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