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ViS-DIFF / Line receiver module
ViS-DIFF module is a converter of differential signals into digital signals 5V TTL.

All STEP/DIR outputs of ViS CNC controllers are differential line driver outputs compatible with EIA RS-422 standard. The differential lines/signals provide excellent immunity to electromagnetic noise that can adversely affect motor control signals.

This module is used when:
1) It is necessary to increase the distance from the CNC controller to the motor drivers. If there are Line Receivers at the motor driver inputs.
2) The voltage at the STEP/DIR outputs of the ViS CNC controller is differential and its high level does not exceed 4V (usually not more than 3.5V). This may not be sufficient for some motor drivers that do not have Line Receivers at their input (usually using optocouplers) and require a minimum voltage level of 5V.

Supply voltage: 5V +/-10%

Dimensions: 60×38×15 mm (2,36×1,5×0,6 in)
Weight: 0.05 kg (0,11 lbs)

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