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ViS-A3 / ViS-A4 controllers
ViS-A3 and ViS-A4 is a 6-axis motion controllers with 3 and 4 simultaneously interpolated axes respectively.

Compatible with almost all types of motors and can be used with both stepper and most brushless AC servo drives, in fact any drive that is compatible with the STEP/DIR interface. Most stepper motor drives are compatible with the ViS CNC controllers (Leadshine, YAKO, ...).

The maximum number of inputs and outputs is not limited by the CNC controller itself. When the RS-485 network is included in the CNC system, it is possible to increase the total number of inputs/outputs up to 240 (plus inputs/outputs on the CNC controller board).

Maximum frequency of STEP on each axis 1 MHz (1000 kHz)
Communication types Ethernet, USB
Isolated digital inputs 14 + 1 high speed
Digital outputs 8 + 2 SSR
STEP/DIR outputs 6 differential line driver outputs
Analog inputs (5V) 2
Analog outputs (0-10V) 2
Encoder Inputs 1
RS-485 interface network YES
MPG hand wheel support YES
Supply voltage 12V...24V
Ambient temperature range +0oC ... +60oC
Relative humidity 5% ... 90%
Dimensions 150×100×20 mm (5,9×3,9×0,8 in)
Weight 0.2 kg (0,44 lbs)


The USB interface can be used with the same functionality as the Ethernet.

The USB interface has complete galvanic isolation from the main controller circuit (high speed digital isolators are used).

Isolated digital inputs

ViS controller has 15 digital inputs with galvanic isolation:
  • 9 inputs are grouped and have one common input for power supply from one source (Figure 1).
  • 5 inputs can be powered each from a separate power supply (Figure 2).
  • 1 is a high speed, very high slew rate input that is typically used in conjunction with tool probes.

Examples of connecting sensors to digital inputs:

Digital outputs

ViS controller has 8 digital open collector outputs and 2 SSR relay outputs.

Each open collector digital output:

STEP/DIR outputs

ViS-A3 and ViS-A4 has 6 STEP/DIR outputs. But ViS-A3 has 3 simultaneously interpolated axes, ViS-A4 has 4 simultaneously interpolated axes.

Each STEP/DIR output is a channel of inverting and non-inverting differential driver outputs, which ensures error-free signal transmission over long distances even in noisy environments.
For stepper/servo drivers that do not support a differential input signal, we have developed a new module ViS-DIFF.

Analog inputs (5V)

ViS-A controllers has 2 analog inputs 0-5V.
Each of the analog inputs can be linked to the corresponding function in the software.

Simplified analog input circuit:

Analog outputs (0-10V)

ViS-A controllers has a 2 analog outputs 0-10V for spindle rotational speed control.
Maximum load of each analog output - 50 mA.

Encoder Input

ViS-A controllers has 1 incremental encoder input for the following functionality:
  • MPG (manual pulse generator)
  • Rigid tapping

Encoder Input are line driver differential signal compatible and has 3 channels: +A-A, +B-B, +Z-Z.
All signals are galvanically isolated from the main controller circuit.

RS-485 interface network

ViS-A controllers has RS-485 bus for connecting devices that can operate using the Modbus protocol in the baudrate range from 9600 to 115200 bps.
All signals are galvanically isolated from the main controller circuit (high speed digital isolators are used).

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