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ViS-OUT8 / outputs module, RS-485 network

ViS-OUT8 module has 8 digital outputs and operates as part of an RS-485 network.

The module can be easily connected and integrated into the RS-485 network of the ViS CNC system. To do this, it is only necessary to program the address in the RS-485 network (performed by the CNC controller from the software), the module determines the baudrate automatically.

Up to 2 ViS-RELAY relay modules can be connected to this module. It is also possible to connect third-party devices to the digital outputs of the module.

Up to 30 of ViS-OUT8 modules can be connected to the RS-485 network for increasing the total of 240 digital outputs in the ViS CNC system.

Firmware update is performed automatically by the CNC controller ViS-A.

Supply voltage: 12V...24V

Type of digital outputs: open collector Maximum load of digital output: 300 mA

Dimensions (overall): 66×42×15 mm (2,6×1,65×0,6 in);
PCB dimensions: 55×42 mm (2,17×1,65 in) Weight: 0.05 kg (0,11 lbs)

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